Belle: Mental care a part of recovery

DR ERMINE BELLE sees no problem with marijuana being used to help heal medical disorders. (Pictures by WILLCOMM.)

A veteran psychiatrist is urging Government to include a strong mental health programme within the country’s isolation centres for both patients and health care workers.

Dr Ermine Belle says she is not convinced enough is being done to address the severity of the mental stress that both patients grappling with the reality of testing positive for a deadly disease, as well as the people who treat them, undergo on a daily basis.

Belle, who was the featured speaker during a webinar held by the Kiwanis Barbados South on Tuesday evening, explained that these mental effects could last long after the patient recovered from the virus.

She pointed out that apart from the fear of death, the anxiety that came with the uncertainty of what was happening with the children, job and other everyday matters of importance, could be too much for some individuals to cope with.


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