Beaches deserted – Too much rain

The Ffreyes Public beach like many of the 365 beaches across Antigua and Barbuda was devoid of tourists and was a picture of hovering dark clouds on Thursday.

Returning nationals and tourists, who were in the state for the annual carnival festivities were unable to engage in their respective after carnival beach activities because of a tropical wave that hit the island on Wednesday and continued on Thursday.

According to meteorologist, Cecil Matthew, the tropical wave and accompanying rainfall is expected to subside by early Friday morning.

Speaking to NICE FM at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Matthew said 6.4 mm of rainfall was recorded at the V.C. Bird International Airport for Thursday.

He added that as much as one inch of rain or more was recorded in the Southern part of Antigua.

According to the official, there was no recorded report of flooding or damage to property or livestock.

He, however, stated that “going forward” one must be cognizant that “September being a month to remember”, there are indications that the twin island state could experience tropical waves accompanied by showers every five to seven days.


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