Bartlett welcomes plans for Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Centre

Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, says that the new Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Centre at Mona, will be focusing on four key deliverables.

He said that these deliverables include the establishment of an academic journal, which will be a compendium of scholarly publications, on various elements of the five segments of disruptions, and for which an editorial board has already been established, headed by Professor Lee Miles of Bournemouth University.

The other deliverables are: a compendium of best practices and a blueprint for resilience; a resilience barometer, to measure the resilience in countries and provide benchmarks to guide countries; and an academic chair at the University of West Indies (UWI) for innovation and resilience.

He said that the UWI will completely refurbish the centre, which will include a well-appointed conference room with video conference technology needed to accommodate virtual meetings, and to connect a number of board members, who operate in different parts of the world.

“It will include an office for the chairman and two other offices for deputy directors, as well as the executive director, who I am very pleased to share is Professor Lloyd Waller from the UWI,” Bartlett announced.

The minister was speaking to the media following a visit to the site of the facility, which has been newly refurbished at a cost of $27 million on the UWI’s Mona Campus and will be officially opened in the first week of October.

He said that the overall goal of the centre will be to assess (research/monitor), plan for, forecast, mitigate, and manage risks related to tourism resilience and crisis management.