Barbudians to be encouraged to take out Insurance for their Homes

With another Hurricane season upcoming, the Government is urging residents to get insurance for their homes. To this end the Cabinet discussed the conditions of homes in Barbuda and asked the Minister of Barbuda Affairs to write to the Barbuda Representative in Parliament about insurance for owner-occupied reconstructed-homes on the sister isle. It was noted by the Cabinet that except for insurance against loss of household items, no homes in Barbuda were insured against hurricanes. Fearing that another hurricane could cause significant damage to homes at any time, the Cabinet determined that it would encourage all homeowners to purchase insurance. A special arrangement is to be worked-out with State Insurance Limited; that arrangement may see a subsidy applied, in order to make coverage on Barbuda more affordable. The Cabinet iis also encouraging homeowners in Antigua to purchase insurance against hurricanes and other calamities.