Barbers, Churches Given The Green Light To Reopen

Barbers, hairdressers and nail salons may open immediately, under newly revised COVID-19 prevention measures.

But the government says with all necessary preventive measures put in place.

Masks are to be worn at all times during the exercise; social distancing between and among the operators and customers is required, and social-distancing practice within and outside of the establishment is imposed.

Meantime, restrictions on church gatherings such that services may resume on Sundays and Saturdays, as customary have been announced in Cabinet Notes. The government said later in a news conference that followed Cabinet, that the government will commence consultations with the churches next week as to the best way to reopen the churches.

The notes added that all members of a single household may sit together in church;

It also said that the rules governing social distancing apply, requiring two pews to separate  the household clusters.

 In addition, all are required to wear masks in church and when driving to church.        Where the size of a church building will not allow for members to attend and to abide by the social distancing six-foot rule, that church may consider holding several services throughout the worship day, instead.


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