Barbados Pm assures Workers That Govt Is Working in their Best Interest

n her first May Day speech as Prime Minister, Mia Mottley has given the assurance that Government is working in unison with workers.

Speaking to the scores of people gathered at the Barbados Workers’ Union Solidarity House headquarters this afternoon, Mottley said her Government had been actively engaging with the Social Partnership on all critical matters.

“I have made a commitment and it is one from which my Government will never resile, that the basis of the best governance that we can bring to our people is to work together and to work collectively,” she said to loud applause.

“And it is against that background that I ask you to judge my Government not by our words alone, but by our actions, because on the very first morning after swearing in a Government and a Cabinet at Bay Street, the very first meeting of this Government was with the Social Partnership of Barbados because we recognise that labour and capital and the Government and the Executive must work collectively to take us out of the bowels from which we were languishing in.
“Every major decision whether it is in the context of national security, whether it is in the context of growth and development opportunities for this country that I will share with the country by the end of the month in greater detail, whether it is in the context of the difficult moments and decisions . . . it has been a joint decision,” the Prime Minister maintained.
Mottley pointed out that there was still a long way for Barbados to go.
However, she promised that Government would continue to be on the frontline of workers’