Bandit masks found in mosque raid: 8 arrested

Police officers searched several mosques in the Cocorite district on Tuesday, a day before Eid observances.

The searches were carried out based on intelligence over the past few weeks two rival gangs in the Cocorite district were taking gunshots at one another.

The gangs, both said to be factions from the Muslim Gang, operate in Powder Magazine Phase 1, and Waterhole.

Over the past two weeks, there had been reports of shootings..

Once such incident took place on Tuesday morning, when members of both gangs opened fire on one another at 7a.m.

One man suffered “a graze” but despite being asked repeated for a statement, the man refused to speak to police on the matter, and also refused medical treatment.

Police exercises were conducted throughout the district between 8a.m. and 4p.m. on Tuesday.

The raids were supervised by Snr Sup Pragg, and coordinated by ASP Thompson and Inspector Vincent.

Sgt Samuel led a team of officers including P.C’s Murray, Gilkes, Mc Clean, Genty, Bart, Roberts, Joseph, amongst several others, in the operations.

The officers conducted several stop and searches in the area, and also received intelligence which led them to a mosque in the Waterhole Road, Cocorite area.

In the roof of the mosque, tucked away in the ceiling of the building, the officers found a quantity of masks and ski masks.

The masks, police believe, have been used in criminal acitvities in the area.

Eight persons – including a 16-year-old boy – were arrested in this exercise.