On August 4, 2020, OCL Barbados doing business as One Caribbean arrived at the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport, while being in violation of entry protocols put in place by the Government of the Virgin Islands to eliminate the spread of Covid-19.

According to Managing Director, Mr. Clive Smith “as a result of the occurrence, the Foreign Operator’s Permit (FOP) was suspended; which essentially means that the airline will not be allowed into the Territory during the period of suspension”.

The Government’s protocols require all airlines arriving in the Territory to provide 24 hours’ notice of all the passengers onboard the aircraft approved to arrive in the territory.

The protocol also instructs all passengers to be in possession of a valid travel certificate issued by the Ministry of Health confirming that they are safe to enter to BVI. These protocols are our country’s first line of defense in the fight against the reintroduction and spread of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19 in our Territory.

Mr. Smith advised that “any violation of the Government or the Authority’s protocols will not be taken lightly, as the wellbeing of our residents and citizens, our internal economy and the successful rebound of our economy post Covid-19 is reliant on our ability to keep the BVI Covid- 19 free”.

The BVI Airports Authority understands that the suspension of One Caribbean’s service has caused some inconvenience for persons who had travel plans prior to the suspension of the FOP; you are encouraged to reach out to your airline for updates on alternative travel arrangements.

All airlines operating in the territory are reminded and encouraged to adhere to all protocols and guidelines put in place by the Government and the Authority to ensure the safety of all citizens and residents of our territory to avoid such measures in the future.

A subsequent press release will be issued when more information becomes available regarding the lifting of the suspension.


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