Baby perishes in fire

CASSANDRA Brown, after having two daughters, was over the moon when she was told during a prenatal clinic visit that she was having a boy.

But that joy turned into sorrow 21 months later when her son, Neymar Facey, perished in a fire that left 14 children and 11 adults homeless on Bay Farm Road in Kingston, Tuesday evening.

Admitting that she had no intentions of having a fourth child, the 38-year-old mother said she was anticipating Neymar’s second birthday in October.

“If me did come and see him face mi wouldn’t feel so. If mi come see him alive mi would a walk way and hug him,” she said yesterday as tears rolled down her cheeks.

A distraught Cassandra Brown sits along Bay Farm Road yesterday, hours after her 21-month-old baby Neymar Facey perished in a fire on Tuesday.

Insisting that the baby was usually with her, she said shortly after she had given him a bath he had fallen asleep, so she asked her older daughter, now 18, to watch him while she went to a shop.

“Mi did plan fi walk wid him go down the road go buy weh mi a buy but you know when baby body cool dem drop asleep, so mi put him on his belly and turn the fan on him and tell mi big daughter to give an eye on him fi mi, please,” she explained.

But before she could return home, she said her daughter had come running.