Atlantis Submarines diving again

AFTER EIGHT MONTHS stalled on the surface, Atlantis Submarines Barbados is again taking patrons to the depths of Barbados’ coastal waters.

Operations at the Shallow Draught in Bridgetown ceased on March 20 in advance of a full cessation of cruise and airline operations worldwide, an action Atlantis general manager Roseanne Myers said was taken to “protect staff” from the threat” of the COVID-19 pandemic. Business resumed on December 15, the official start of the winter tourist season.

Myers reported that it has been and continues to be “a long, hard road back to some sense of normalcy”. However, she added that during the down period, all efforts were made to support displaced staff and to plan for improvements in the operation.

“Administratively, we worked through a period where everyone was laid off or on short time, and the maintenance of the vessels was kept up-to-date. 


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