Atherley: Moore’s plan lacks vision

OPPOSITION LEADER Bishop Joseph Atherley is rebuking the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) candidate Toni Moore’s plan to create employment for constituents by hiring people to debush and beautify communities in St George North.

Reading from Moore’s flyer, which was distributed to voters who go to the polls on Wednesday to choose a new parliamentary representative, the leader of the People’s Party for Democracy and Development (PdP) said he was not decrying the tasks – which had to be done at some point and which allowed people to make “a few dollars” – but added that they and others lacked vision and Government must do better.

According to Atherley, the trade unionist said employment would derive from recruiting constituents “to undertake community cleaning and beautification programmes” and improving “the environment and the public health” by facilitating “Government employment of debushing teams . . . to maintain the surroundings and get rid of unsightly, overgrown trees and this will create employment for the people”.

“I have a problem with a Government of Barbados in 2020 offering this as the best they can do for the people of this country. I’ve spoken about this before, I’ve spoken about it elsewhere.


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