Asot Michael Settles Civil Dispute, Apologises To Magistrate


Over the last few weeks there has been much publicity surrounding my civil dispute with Mr. Lewis.  I have this day settled that dispute that was before the Magistrates Court. Indeed against legal advice and out of the goodness of my heart I settled significantly above that which I was obligated to.

I have also this day issued to the Learned Chief Magistrate: the Honourable Joanne Walsh a private written apology for recent utterances made by me and on my behalf. I acknowledge that some remarks made in my name and on my behalf were most inappropriate.

Notwithstanding the circumstances that we may at time find ourselves in and indeed I did find myself in unkind circumstances, we must always have the utmost respect for Our Judiciary and all times uphold the loyalty of our friends. I fear that I as human may have fallen short in this regard and accordingly must and do apologise.

I will continue to dedicate my energies and time to the representation of the people whom have placed their trust in me. I will not allow myself to continue to be distracted by those who have ulterior motives and would seek to hide behind the Faithful Public Servants of this Nation. I look forward to regaining the trust of All and repairing the friendships that the last few days may have injured.


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