Antigua’s Health Minisister Calls On Residents to get vaccinated Following Measles Outbreak

Antigua and Barbuda Health Minister Molwyn Joseph  has made a special appeal for all residents to get vaccinated in the wake of an outbreak of measles in the United States.

The call coming from the Antigua and Barbuda Health Minister was in response to the news, that the authorities in St Lucia had quarantined a US cruise ship after a case of measles was reported onboard.

The ship was destined for Antigua, but was cancelled.

According to Minister Joseph, there are established protocols at the various ports of entry to prevent any spread of measles in the country.

He said that these protocols, have been put in place with the  assistance of the World Health Organisation and the Pan American  Health Organization.

The Health Minister also disclosed that the Ministry of Health is working to ensure that all children in the country are vaccinated.