Antigua State College Offers Four Continuing Education Courses

Time is running out for people interested in registering for the Antigua State College’s Continuing Education classes set to commence in October. The series of short courses is designed to offer workforce training and, in some cases, help potential students to fulfil matriculation requirements for Department of Business. Space is still available for the following courses:

Functional Math: A Foundation Course for Business Students – starting October 8 Introduction to Accounting – starting October 16 Human Resource Management – starting October 16 Advertising and Promotion – starting October 16

Each course runs for eight weeks for an affordable cost of $500. Registration forms are available online at: The Continuing Education Programme was launched in 2017. Since then 45 people have successfully completed various courses in Mathematics, Human Resource Management and Marketing. The programme’s overall goal is to cater to the potential learner who:  Is interested in exploring a particular topic without commitment to an entire programme  Does not have the time and/or financial resources to commit to an entire programme  Wishes to continue professional development on a flexible schedule  Is desirous of accessing current programmes but is challenged to meet existing matriculation requirements for Math and English Anyone interested in obtaining more information can call the Department of Business at 5623828 or email –