Antigua Crime Sleuths Getting a Handle On Break-Ins

Crime Sleuths have made a major breakthrough with regard to break-ins which in recent weeks have been affecting citizens.

According to a top cop,two men were reportedly charged with housebreaking and larceny as police move in on suspects believed to have committed several break-ins over the past few months.

Brian Cognet and Akeem Roland were named as suspects who allegedly stole large appliances from a house in Gray Hill last month.

Jeffers said, another man is in police custody after he was reportedly caught with stolen goods in the Golden Grove area.

“One person actually saw him with a television as he was moving it from one place to the next and he has a particular mark, so it was not difficult for him to be identified”, the officer said.

The senior officer has made an appeal for the public to report suspicious movements to the police.

Mr jeffers added that a third suspect was reportedly jailed for several months after admitting to committing two break-ins in Cooks Extension.


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