Antigua Could Be venue For 2020 Hemp Conference

Two officials from Tyson’s Farms, a company established in the name of the former heavyweight boxing champion, were invited to Cabinet to address an April 2020 Conference on Hemp, which is to be held in Antigua.It was pointed out to the cabinet that More than 1,000 persons from North and South America, Europe and the Caribbean would likely choose to attend the conference. Mike Tyson will attend and spoke via Skype to the Cabinet. Tyson’s Farms has also made a request for several acres of land in order to grow hemp, extract oils from the vegetation, and bottle many of the products which can be made from the plant’s extract. Samples of the possibilities were exhibited, including soaps, building bricks, oils with varying strengths of THC, capsules and organic hempseed. The edible products are deemed to be food supplements in the USA where they are currently produced; their production in Antigua would follow the legislation adopted by the Parliament which would classify them the same. Clinical laboratories would have to be constructed to ensure accuracy of the contents, whether exported or consumed locally by visiting tourists and nationals. Licenses to grow the bushy plant are very costly, requiring payments of upwards of US$100,000 for each license. Rastafarians who would grow hemp and/or cannabis for religious reasons would pay lower fees.


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