Antigua and Barbuda To Forgive Liat Debt

The Administrator of LIAT, appointed by the Court nearly four weeks ago, has submitted to the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance an accounting of the monies owed by LIAT to the Antigua and Barbuda Government and its several bodies. The latest cabinet notes said that the amount owed for taxes collected through the sale of tickets exceed EC$5,470,000; to the Airport Authority exceed $1,922,000; to APUA for water, electricity and telephone services more than $701,000; and a variety of other taxes, $457,000. The grand total owed to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda by LIAT (1974) Ltd. totals $8,552,989. The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda took the decision to forgive the entire debt owed by LIAT in order to ensure that LIAT may fly again. Every Caribbean government that LIAT owes is being asked to do the same in order to enable the new LIAT to proceed, renewed. Although the request by the Administrator, appointed by the Court under the amended Companies Act, seeks to be informed by September 25, 2020, the Cabinet has directed the Cabinet Secretary to respond immediately. Other creditors are being asked to take a 50% haircut, including LIAT staff.


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