Antigua and Barbuda Only Interested In CDB Loan Incurred By Barbados

The Cabinet held a discussion on the negotiations which were held in Barbados on Antigua and Barbuda’s offer to purchase a fraction of Barbados’ LIAT shares, by taking over that country’s debt in the LIAT re-fleeting exercise. The Antiguan team—consisting of Minister of Aviation and of Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and one other Finance Official—made clear to the Barbados team that Antigua and Barbuda has an interest only in the CDB loan incurred by Barbados (in part) for the LIAT re-fleeting exercise. No other loans were contemplated and no guarantees on restructuring could be made to Barbados. The negotiations continue. The Prime Ministers of both countries are also planning to meet in St. Lucia where the CARICOM Heads Meeting is taking place over three working days.    


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