Antigua and Barbuda Government Being sued Over Global ports

The Attorney General of Antigua and Barbuda has acknowledged being served with papers in a multitude of suits filed by Mr. Harold Lovell on behalf of several plaintiffs, all complaining about Global Ports Holdings Inc. The Cabinet is persuaded that the unelected opposition leader is utilizing the courts as a stick to attempt to delay and to retard the evident progress which the ABLP regime has been making since June 12, 2014; reducing unemployment by creating thousands of new jobs across many sectors of the economy frightens the UPP leader. (Increasing jobs, increasing investments and lowering taxes have been achieved). The complaints filed and the pleadings submitted lack substance and are very unspecific; the poorly-drafted pleadings, for example, fail to point to the sections of the laws which the attorney claims to have been violated. The lawsuits do not seek any injunctions but merely seek judicial review of the contracts and agreements between the government and the private enterprise.