Anita Hill WILL vote for Joe Biden in November despite the ‘mistakes’ he’s made in the past –

Anita Hill has vowed to vote for Joe Biden in the November election, despite the ‘mistakes’ he made while overseeing the confirmation hearing where she testified against then-Supreme Court Justice nominee Clarence Thomas. 

‘Notwithstanding all of his limitations in the past, and the mistakes that he made in the past, notwithstanding those – at this point, between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, I think Joe Biden is the person who should be elected in November,’ Hill told CNN in an interview. 

‘It’s more about the survivors of gender violence. That’s really what it’s about.’ 

In 1991, HiIl sat before an panel of all-male senators and alleged that Clarence sexually harassed her while they worked together at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.     

She claimed that Thomas made inappropriate sexual remarks, including mentions of pornographic movies, and described his genitals on an occasion.

Her testimony was met with an aggressive, sexist and abrasive line of questioning from the senators who called into question her personal credibility. 

Biden served as Senate Judiciary Committee chairman and oversaw the confirmation hearing and testimony, 

In one instance, former GOP Sen. Howell Heflin had asked Hill if she was a ‘scorned woman’ or a ‘zealot civil rights.’

‘Now, in trying to determine whether you are telling falsehoods or not, I have got to determine what your motivation might be. Are you a scorned woman?’ he had asked.       

The confirmation hearings gripped the nation and sparked a media-frenzy, but they had an adverse affect on Hill’s aspirations to work atop Capitol Hill.

‘One of the impacts of 1991 was my desire not to really work with the government in any way,’ Hill told CNN.

‘I always said, I think I can be more effective as an outsider, as opposed to an insider. And now, I’m willing to evolve myself, to work for change inside.’

Hill, who is currently a professor at Brandeis University, even hopes to work with him on issues of gender violence, sexual harassment and gender discrimination. 

‘What drives me is the people who have experienced [those issues] and the people who will be experiencing them, if we don’t do something about it,’ she said,


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