An Exposition Dealing with waste to Be Held On Friday

 Zero Waste Antigua and Barbuda (ZWAB) will be having an exposition entitled Exhibition Z on Friday 31st May 2019 at the 39ers’ Square at the Ministry of Health headquarters.

The exhibition will coincide with the #Playitout concert which is scheduled to take place on Saturday 1st June. Four members of the group are part of the planning committee for the upcoming concert: Sharon Dalso, Shelley Morgan, Hasani Williamson and Martin Dudley.

Zero Waste is a non- governmental organization registered 16th of July, 2018 under the laws of Antigua and Barbuda. It is comprised of individuals from various interest groups with one common goal; to protect and conserve our environment by influencing change in the manner of waste disposal.

 Its members include Kisean Joseph as President, Gary Gore; Vice President, Hasani Williamson; Treasurer, Jahico Bird; Assistant Treasurer, Dr. Evelyn Weekes; Public Relations Officer and Dr. Nicola Bird; Secretary. 

ZWAB receives funding, technical support, organizational and networking opportunities through the Global Environment Facility’s Small Grants Programme.

Its members will be displaying their projects as well as interacting with the general public during the exhibition. Persons will be given an opportunity to listen to presentations on issues of recycling, upcycling, composting and waste repurposing.

ZWAB is focused upon emerging waste technologies, practices, behaviours, and conducive policies to approach Zero Waste by 2025. Some of these measures include SMART collection processes, recovering materials of value, waste-to-energy, waste-to-fuel, and landfill gas recovery as well as improved disposal methods.

There will be talking points of 3-5 minutes addressing and unpacking the concept practice of Zero Waste to the wider public. This exhibition will be the first of many outreach ventures designed to raise awareness regarding the impact of waste on the environment and how we can make a change through the concept of Zero Waste.

ZWAB welcomes all to play their part as custodians of the green and blue economies of our twin island state by helping to protect and preserve our little bit of paradise.