American news anchor appeals to J’can judge

THE American news anchor who accused her ex-lover of ‘cyber rape’ is appealing to Jamaican Parish Judge Jaqueline Wilcot to impose a heavy sentence on the 53-year-old man.

Darieth Chisolm, a former NBC News anchor, is urging Judge Wilcot to “send a message” to people who intentionally harm others through revenge porn posted online.

Chisolm’s ex-lover, Donovan Powell, had pleaded guilty in a Jamaican court to three counts of malicious communication, under the Cybercrimes Act, and is now awaiting sentencing.

“I hope that the judge when it comes to sentencing — scheduled for November 1 — really look at his history and his past. This is someone who has been convicted in the United States on three charges in the past and was deported…so they (court) should take that into consideration. That is important in cases like this not only for me, but also for other victims when these types of crimes happen.

“If they (court) get serious with the punishment it may mean that they may be fewer people who think about using their cellphones and their laptops as weapons, because that’s essentially what they are doing,” Chisolm told the Jamaica Observer, which first reported the story in October 2017.

At the same time, Wilcot, a life coach, lauded Jamaica’s Cybercrimes Act, describing it as a “well-written Act”.

Chisolm said a part of her advocacy case in the United States is to look at where the North American country is with revenge porn and cybercrimes, and a quick comparison between the two laws revealed how detailed Jamaica’s is.


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