America ‘had agreed deal with Venezuelan military that Maduro would be arrested this week

The U.S. had agreed a deal with the Venezuelan military that Nicolas Maduro would be arrested this week but the deal fell through at the last moment, it has been claimed.

The Trump administration, which acknowledged opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country’s interim president in January, had forged a plan with a high-ranking Caracas official, reports ABC Internacional.

A U.S. security council source is said to have told the website that the plan was to force Maduro to leave the country or be arrested before placing Guaido in charge.

Thirty days after this, there would be another election.

The U.S. had reportedly agreed a deal with the Venezuelan military that President Nicolas Maduro, pictured yesterday, would be arrested this week and Juan Guaido would be put in charge before an election 
At the same time, they would declare the Constituent Assembly, which is entirely controlled by pro-government politicians, illegitimate, the website reports.
Military commanders and the U.S. had reportedly spent months organizing the plot over the phone before the last-minute decision change.
They were allegedly set to sign the deal at La Carlota military base in Caracas – where Guaido urged the armed forces to overthrow Maduro on Tuesday.
It is not known why the supposed deal collapsed, but Guaido’s call for an uprising failed, with Venezuela’s military commander instead pledging loyalty to Maduro.
At least four people died during two days of protests following the attempt. 
Two people who were shot in the city of La Victoria and another two were hit by gunfire in capital city Caracas, according to The Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict.
Another 230 people have been reported injured and 205 were detained during the clashes between protesters and police.