Alex Feng Denied Bail

Bail has been denied for Tianzhao Alex Feng, the Chinese born man charged with arson of the XPZ Supermarket.

Magistrate Conliffe Clarke denied bail to Tianzhao Feng, who appeared in the Magistrates Court on an arson charge moments ago.

Police allege the Chinese national deliberately started the fire that destroyed XPZ Supermarket last week.

The defendant, who was unrepresented and spoke through a translator, said he was unsure if he could find any Antiguans & Barbudans to stand as sureties for his bail.

Prosecutors had earlier objected to bail, deeming the defendant a flight risk.

They also said there were discrepancies concerning his Immigration status in the country.

Magistrate Clarke will revisit the bail issue on June 23 in the presence of Immigration officials.

The court will begin committal proceedings on the arson charge on September 29


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