Agricultural Extension Division recognizes long-standing farmers

The Agricultural Extension Division within the Ministry of Agriculture held its Annual Farmers` Appreciation ceremony earlier today (Tues), to acknowledge and show appreciation to the farmers who have been in the field of agriculture for a number of years, contributing to food security and agricultural development in Antigua and Barbuda.

At the event, Extension Officer, Mr. Owolabi Elabanjo lauded the hard work of the famers over the years and encouraged them to keep going.
“We love you, we know your hard work, we know what you’re doing for food security and nutrition for Antigua,” stated Mr. Elabanjo.

Acting Director of Agriculture, Mr. Gregory Bailey, praised the extension division for the good job they have been doing over the years, as they have remained the interface between the Ministry of Agriculture, specifically with commercializing and modernizing the agriculture sector.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs, Mr. Colin O’Keiffe commended the diamond awardee Ms. Grace- Ann Agatha Apleton-Samuel for the work which she has done in the field of farming over the years, as well as the other awardees for contributing to food security in Antigua and Barbuda.

“I commend you and the other awardees for your hard work, your dedicated service, your effort in providing food on the table of several Antiguan and Barbudan families,” stated Mr. O’Keiffe.

The 87-year-old diamond awardee began her farming career at the tender age of 14 years old.
Mr. O’Keiffe also praised the Long Ping High Tech Company in China for working with the Ministry of Agriculture in boosting the skills of local farmers.
“Better techniques, more efficient and effective farming in Antigua and Barbuda and it means then, this justifies the whole collaborative arrangement between Antigua and Barbuda and China to boost the agriculture sector,” stated Mr. O’Keiffe.

Local entrepreneur, Mrs. Cordella Murraine, who operates a family-owned Farm, Superette and Cook Shop in the village of Bethesda, in her brief address, expressed her gratitude and support to the Ministry of Agriculture’s Extension Division for working along with famers and officially recognizing them for a job well done.

All the other farmers whose careers span from livestock, crop and aquaponics, received plaques in recognition of their long-standing contributions in the farming sector.

The awardees included farmers from the agricultural districts of South West, South East and North West.


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