AFC will decide on future in coalition after apparent rejection of Ramjattan as Granger’s running mate

The Alliance For Change’s (AFC) national executive committee will early next month decide whether it will contest the next general elections jointly with A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), even as it maintains that acceptance of its prime ministerial candidate is a non-negotiable.

“Ultimately, the executive will make that determination whether or not the AFC goes alone or whether or not it goes as a coalition,” AFC Chairman, Raphael Trotman told a news conference, adding that both parties see the value of a coalition and Guyanese are “not satisfied with seeing us separate and apart.”

AFC negotiator and executive member, Dominic Gaskin added that his party would, at next week Saturday’s meeting, have to make “some very clear decisions on how we plan to move ahead and how we plan to participate in the elections. “Our position is that we cannot have any further discussions on a revised Cummingsburg Accord until there is consensus on the positions of the presidential and prime ministerial candidates,” he added.

Specifically on whether the AFC would go into the election with APNU if Granger names a prime ministerial candidate other than Ramjattan, Gaskin insisted that “it’s a non-negotiable for us”.