A Well Known Educator Says The Fourth Landed Campus Is faced With Complications

The Chairman of a committee that was looking to set up a national university in Antigua has said the current push for a fourth landed campus is faced with complications.

Juno Samuel expressed the view recently, that it would have been better for Antigua and Barbuda to have stuck with the original plan to develop a national university to meet the pressing needs of tertiary education in the country.

He said it does not appear, that the present government understands what it takes to establish a  university, as the timelines being proposed are very ambitious.

According to Mr Juno Samuel, he does not believe a September opening is realistic or possible.

 He said the mere fact that only recently the matter came before the university council, means to much was left to be dealt with too late.

Mr Samuel also  indicated, that the government is also to make a

convincing case with regards to how it intends to fund the fourth UWI campus here in Antigua.

He said the taxation measure that the government is proposing, can be severely hampered by an economic  decline or a change is business fortunes.

Samuel added that once the campus is established  here,it will be very difficult for the government to back away from.