A Prison to be Built On Prison Farm

The Cabinet has given the authorization for a prison to be built on the compound of the Prison Farm, not far from Sanderson’s, to hold persons on remand and for youthful offenders that have been given custodial sentences. A little more than 100 men and women are on remand, awaiting a trial date or other procedures before the court; they have not been convicted of any crime.According to the recent cabinet notes the Cabinet is of the view that those on remand ought to be separated from those who have been convicted. The cabinet notes went on to indicate that when the population has been decreased by this transfer of a significant number from Her Majesty’s Prison, major repair work is planned at the Coronation Road facility known as 1735. The facility is the oldest building in all of Antigua and Barbuda, and was built as a barracks for soldiers almost 285 years ago. It has been in need of a new kitchen, new bathrooms, flush toilets and better sanitary conditions that would decrease the chances of spreading communicable diseases among inmates. The first of the containerized units for the construction of the new holding facility, at the site of the Prison Farm, will arrive Antigua in a few weeks.


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