A fifth brewery to be established in Antigua

A regional brewery with interests in several CARICOM countries put forward a proposal for allowing a fifth brewery to be established in Antigua producing beer, malt, juices, soft drinks and other beverage products that have won acceptance in major Caribbean markets and Florida.

The US plant serves the diaspora community in the USA. The six-person delegation from the beer company made the case that trade within the OECS is dominated by beer and other beverages; there is a market for beer and other drinks emanating from an Antiguan brewery, the team concluded. If permitted, more than 60,000 cases of brewed products will be produced in Antigua for consumption and export.  

A draft MOU was discussed and examined closely. The Cabinet asked the company to continue discussions with a two-person sub-committee comprised of the Minister of Trade and The Minister of Finance (de facto) who will report to Cabinet next Wednesday, December 4, 2019. A final agreement will likely then be made.  


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