3rd Death Threat for Griffith

The police Cyber Crime Unit is investigating a third death threat against Commissioner Gary Griffith, which was received at the E999 Command Centre on Thursday night.

The telephone operator at the centre got the call at 11.12 pm from a male caller who said, “Let Mr Griffith know I will kill his mother c–t and all ah allyuh with him, so haul all yuh mother c–t too.” The threat was reported to Port of Spain CID and investigations began.

Between last Sunday and Thursday night three death threats were made against Griffith. The second, on Monday night, included his wife Nicole Dyer-Griffith. In the first incident a 12-year-old boy was charged with the misuse of a telephone and is due to be sentenced on January 16.

Griffith has since forgiven the boy and said he will meet with him. That meeting is yet to take place, since Griffith is awaiting clearance from the boy’s relatives. He has also promised to organise counselling for the boy.

In the second incident, a 35-year-old former medical intern was charged for misuse of the telephone and has been sent to the St Ann’s hospital for psychiatric evaluation. He will reappear in court on December 4.