35 road deaths in June

Thirty-five persons were killed in motor vehicle crashes last month in Jamaica

That’s according to the latest figures released by the Road Safety Unit in the Ministry of Transport, which show that Jamaica averaged nearly 35 road deaths per month since the start of the year.

A total of 236 persons have died in 216 fatal crashes since January 1.

The figures from the Road Safety Unit indicate that fatalities are up 24 per cent when compared with the 190 deaths recorded for the corresponding period last year while fatal crashes have increase by 30 per cent when compared with the 166 recorded over the similar period last year.

A breakdown of the figures show that 76 motorcyclists have died on the nation’s roadways since January 1, almost doubling the 43 recorded over the corresponding period last year.

Forty-eight persons died in motor vehicle crashes in April, the highest monthly figure so far this year.

There were 38 road deaths in February; 36 in January; 35 in March and 32 last month, the figures show.


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