30 years for brutal murder

Baggio Kristidi Decourcey Daniel, who became the first convicted murderer not to have the death penalty immediately read to him, was sentenced to 30 years in prison yesterday.

And as she handed down the sentence in the landmark murder trial in the No. 5 Supreme Court, Justice Jacqueline Cornelius declared that young killers will be given sentences that ensured they were older and hopefully wiser when they were eventually released from prison.

“This was a violent murder which must have terrified and traumatised the witnesses returning home on a peaceful afternoon,” Justice Cornelius told Daniel.

“It took place on public transportation at the time of day when all manner of people were on the minibus.

“You used a firearm; you shot the victim multiple times; your stated motive was frivolous and skated dangerously close to some kind of revenge,” the judge said. 


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