3 more women die after contracting COVID

Three more people who tested positive for Covid-19 died on Monday September 13.

The following is a statement from the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre on their passing.

*Statement on behalf of Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre _(SLBMC)_*

*Dr. Albert Duncan,* SLBMC Medical Director said:

We can confirm that sadly, *three _(3)_ female* patients, *ages 97, 78 and 80,* have passed away at Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre on *September 13,* at *1:30pm* _(97)_ and, *4:45pm* _(78)_ respectively and on *September 11 at 7pm* _(80)_. All three patients tested positive for COVID-19.

“Our thoughts and condolences remain with the patients’ families and loved ones at this difficult time.”


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