29 dengue high-risk areas identified in capital city

The Kingston and St Andrew Health Department has classified 29 areas in the capital city as being at high risk for a dengue outbreak.

The information was provided in a report to yesterday’s meeting of the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation’s Parish Disaster Preparedness and Public Health Committee.

However, questions about the report, posed by councillors to junior public health officers Caloma Conville and Sabrina Tracey, could not be answered as the department’s Medical Officer of Health Dr Yohance Rodriquez, and Winnifred Meeks, chief public health officer, were not at the meeting.

The high-risk dengue communities listed in the report are: Olympic Gardens, New Haven, Windward Road, August Town, Riverton City, Callaloo Mews, Cassava Piece, Maxfield, Bull Bay, Liguanea, Bay Farm Road, Mountain View, Ackee Walk, Stand Pipe, Gordon Town, Waterhouse, Sandy Park, Majesty Gardens, Taylor Land, Whitfield Town, Rock Hall, Swain Spring, Hope Flats, Belvedere, Salisbury Plain, Mosquito Valley, Mongoose Town, Shooters Hill, and Parks Road.

The report said that the classification (not in risk order) was based on considerations that included the Aedes index, number of cases presented and reported, and the population density of each community.