27 Held on seafront in breach of Public Heath Ordinance Regulations

Video footage showing dozens of mostly young people went viral early Saturday morning, with the recorders of the video using obscene language and boasting that they do not care about COVID-19.

The video showed obvious breaches of the Public Health Ordinance Regulations.

According to official police reports, Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, using specific technical units, was able to pinpoint the location where the initial video was taken.

When it was confirmed that the same individuals returned to the same spot on Sunday, again breaching Public Health Regulations and putting their lives and that of others at risk, the Commissioner and his team moved in and 27 persons were held. Police reportedly assembled them on the seafront in the Sea Lots area. The majority of those held were minors.

Police reports say that the Police Commissioner chose to explain to them the dangers of them congregating, placing themselves and others at risk, instead of having them arrested. Following a stern talking to, the youngsters were released from police custody.

Commissioner Griffith states that he fully understands many young persons are becoming very frustrated due to the stay at home policy, but the frustration cannot and should not be released by committing actions that can cost them and their friends, their lives.

“I can appreciate how challenging this can be both for parents and their charges,” he said. “However, I am appealing, please keep them away from groups of five or more, according to the Public Health Ordinance. Find creative ways to channel the energy, all of which can be done at home without an assembly of a large group. Be innovative, but do it within the ongoing regulations, and stay healthy.”


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