Firefighters spent yesterday putting out the embers of a massive Saturday night fire that razed a large section of Facey Commodity’s main warehouse in Kingston and which has left billions of dollars in damage.

“I don’t know the preliminary assessment of the damage, but what I can tell you is that the value of the goods is roughly $2 billion,” Seprod Group CEO Richard Pandohie told the Jamaica Observer.

According to Pandohie, it is clear that everything  goods, equipment, offices, and building  was completely destroyed.

Stating that approximately 1,000 people associated with the company would be affected, Pandohie said, “We will stand by our employees… Facey is more than a building, it is our people, the great brands that we have and our customers. Come tomorrow morning (today), our trucks will be rolling out with goods to our customers and our people will be on the ground doing what they do best.”

Meanwhile, he said the pharmaceutical division has not been impacted by the blaze, which occurred at a facility used for food storage and distribution.

He also stressed that the division which stores COVID-19 vaccines on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Wellness had no vaccines for the last three weeks as they were all taken by the ministry.

“There will be no negative fallout to the health sector,” he said.

According to the Jamaica Fire Brigade, the fire started about 8:00 pm Saturday and quickly engulfed the warehouse. There were no reported injuries from the blaze which was fought by all available units from Kingston and St Andrew.

A tanker from the Spanish Town Fire Station was also used.

“Really tough night for our team, major fire at our main Facey warehouse…we will overcome this, but it is hard to watch,” Pandohie tweeted Saturday night.