16 businesses charged for breaching plastic ban

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) is reporting that to date over 16 individuals and companies found in breach of the Natural Resources Conservation Authority (Plastic Packaging Materials Prohibition) Order, have been charged.

In a statement released a short while ago, NEPA said it has intensified its enforcement action against businesses found in breach of the law.

According to the agency, Dragon Court Limited, which appeared before the Corporate Area Parish Court on yesterday for breaching section 3 of the Order was fined $25,000.

“As a general rule, court is a last resort, however the ban has been in effect for almost a year and NEPA has embarked on an extensive public education campaign as well as constant administrative enforcement. Whilst there has been compliance generally, there remain persons who are intent on flouting the law and the Agency is taking action and will continue to do so,” counsel for NEPA, Stewart Panton said.

NEPA said it is encouraging Jamaicans to support the plastic ban.

The agency said failure to do so may result in criminal charges being brought under the Natural Resources Conservation Authority (Plastic Packaging Material Prohibition) Order or the Trade (Plastic Packaging Material Prohibition) Order. People found guilty are liable to a maximum fine of $50,000 or $2 million, respectively, or a term of one year imprisonment at hard labour.


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