14 homeless after Debe fire

Four­teen peo­ple, among them eight chil­dren and an am­putee, were left home­less af­ter a fire de­stroyed three apart­ments in Debe yes­ter­day.

The cause of the fire, which oc­curred at a five apart­ment com­plex build­ing at Ghan­di Vil­lage, has not yet been as­cer­tained.

Wip­ing away tears, sin­gle par­ent Vashti Samoocha­ran, 44, a do­mes­tic work­er, said the fire start­ed in her bed­room.

She re­called that she had just tak­en a mid­day bath and was sit­ting on couch with her son comb­ing her hair.

“All of a sud­den I hear boom. I thought it was some­body bussing fire­works. When I watch out­side I saw smoke not know­ing that in the bed­room by me had fire. I don’t know how it start. When I open the door the whole bed­room was al­ready blaz­ing. I could not get to save any­thing. All I could do was grab my son, my two grand­son and run out­side,” she said.

They were alone home. She lived their with her two sons, ages five and 11.

She had no idea where her fam­i­ly would be spend­ing the night.

An­oth­er ten­ant, Guyanese Aliema Mobin was home with her four chil­dren, ages six, three, two and 16 months.

While feed­ing her ba­by a bot­tle she heard two nois­es. She paid no at­ten­tion to it, but soon af­ter she heard a loud ex­plo­sion.

Mobin said she ran out­side and saw Samoocha­ran’s front win­dow in the front room on fire.

Mobin she was un­able to re­trieve any items for her young chil­dren

She was un­able to reach her hus­band Nanku­mar Per­saud, 38, who was at work be­cause his cell­phone had dis­charged. Mobin said she and her hus­band re­cent­ly bought about $150,000 worth of clothes, in­clud­ing bridal out­fits, shoes and jew­el­ry to open a busi­ness in Guyana next month.

She was un­able to save any­thing.

The apart­ment of wheel­chair bound stroke vic­tim Dan Singh, 72, was al­so de­stroyed.

Singh, a di­a­bet­ic, who lived alone, has health com­pli­ca­tions. He is par­tial­ly blind, part of his right foot is am­pu­tat­ed and he can­not straight­en his right hand or fin­gers.

Singh said a neigh­bour was at his (Singh’s) home when they heard a loud noise. His neigh­bour ran out­side to in­quire where the noise came from. She said an­oth­er neigh­bour res­cued him from the house.


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