A visiting High Commissioner speaks highly of his visit to Cades Bay Pineapple Farm

A visiting High Commissioner speaks highly of his visit to Cades Bay Pineapple Farm

“You can smell the aroma of this pineapple even this distance from my mouth and it is already reaching my palate. It has a very sweet, mild but potent aroma to it. This is so nice, the Bahamas is no stranger to pineapples but our pineapple is different and that is why this Antigua Black in and of itself, is so unique.”

Those were the words of the High Commissioner of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas to CARICOM, His Excellency,  Reuben Rahming who paid a visit to Cades Bay Pineapple Farm today (Fri).

He was welcomed by Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs, Hon. Dean Jonas and Supervisor at the Farm, Irose Henry.

The High Commissioner, who presented his credentials to government officials earlier this week, said that his visit to Antigua was exhilarating and the farm visit added to it.

“This is good because it takes me back to when the pineapple industry was thriving in Eleuthera. The Bahamas is the country that really got dole and dole pineapple on the map,” the High Commissioner said

The visiting official said that the uniqueness of the Antigua Black is amazing compared to the regular pineapple.

“For those of us, who would have eaten the regular pineapple, the regular pineapple has a sort of rigid core and in most instances, you just skim around and cut it out. But I’m told that the Antigua Black Pineapple is finger licking good; that you can consume the whole black pineapple because the core of the Antigua Black Pineapple is not hard, it’s not rigid..this is very, very good.”

He said that as a Member of Parliament in the Bahamas, he is encouraging the growth of agriculture through back yard gardening in his constituency and is looking forward to getting some Antigua Black Pineapple samples that can be grown in his Pinewood Constituency.

High Commissioner Rahming said that he was heartened to learn more about this viable product which is popular not only among locals but tourists as well and described the crash course as ‘wonderful.’

He said in his years as a hotel executive, he also appreciates the fact that the commodity is considered a culinary delight because of its unique structure and its palatability.

 “The people here are wonderful I’m learning a lot about soil preparation, soil consolation, mono crops and how people here survive in terms of the agriculture sector.’’

Describing himself as the Bee-master in the Bahamas, High Commissioner Rahming said that he hopes to also hold dialogue with the local beekeepers association.

High Commissioner Rahming said that he has a natural interest in promoting agriculture knowing the value of it to food security. He said that it’s important for countries in the Caribbean to become sustainable in food development in the areas of both animal husbandry and agriculture.

‘”I look at agriculture and food sustainability as a national security issue. I think we all in the Caribbean, if we want to go back as far as even to September 11th, when the US had to shut down because of those terrorist attacks, many of our countries were on the verge of going foodless when the boats were delayed and shipments were delayed and I think most of our countries may not have had sufficient food stocks to survive two or three months if for whatever reason, all types of shipments of food to our islands were to stop.”

Minister Jonas said that he was delighted to share this treasured commodity with the visiting official.

‘’He came out here to Cades Bay, our agricultural station on this side of the island and basically, the Antigua Black is of interest to them and it is one of our main attractions here in Antigua and Barbuda, our tourists love it, our locals love it and we can’t seem to grow enough of it and so we just came out here at Cades Bay to show them how we grow the pineapple and give them a taste of the pineapple. We can even export it to them if they wish,” Minister Jonas remarked.

On accepting the fruit, the High Commissioner Rahming was quite intrigue after taking a taste of the fruit which was also shared with his wife.

Ambassador Rahming was accompanied by Foreign Service Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Bahamas, Michael Guy.