Violence not a solution TT Ambassador to UN tells Marabella students

TT Ambassador to the UN, Makeda Antonie-Cambridge has advised students of the Marabella North Secondary School against using violence as the solution to any problem.

“Don’t use violence as a solution to any problem. That is short-term and unwise. It is weakness to respond with violence. It is strength to walk away.”

“The bullies in whatever form they come in, if they feel someone will challenge them, they will back down. We are seeing the impact of violence in our country, we are seeing it in our schools, we are seeing it in our communities, and we don’t want our children to be that way.

“The next thing is to have a plan, but be careful of the dream killers – the people who will tell you that you can never do that, do something else. “Not everybody is your friend and not everybody wants you to do better than them.”

Her final piece of advice revolved around work and reminding the students that no one owed them anything. “Nobody owes you anything, not your mummy, not your daddy, not your teacher, not your MP, not your political party. The life that you want, you go after that.”