Vice Chancellor denies running University of Guyana broke as workers demand forensic audit

University of Guyana (UG) workers on Wednesday intensified their demand for an in-depth examination of how the institution is spending its monies at a time when there is a cutback in certain expenses, but Vice Chancellor Ivelaw Griffith denied responsibility for running the institution broke.

“Of course, not! But it’s hazy and wanton to make public accusations of all kinds but I can’t be guided by people who just go out…,” he said.

The workers’ unions believe that the Vice Chancellor has been wasting much-needed money on employing several select persons, including overseas-based Guyanese, at super-salaries, sending large delegations to overseas events, and holding social events at his residence on the university’s bill.

“Let them open the books and let us see what’s in there. We have got to get a forensic audit to see where the money is going. We have been receiving money from donors all over the place. We want to know how that money was spent and exactly what it is being spent on. We want to be consulted,” University of Guyana Senior Staff Association (UGSSA) Treasurer, Dr. Pat Francis told reporters.

The workers picketed the Vice Chancellery Wednesday for a third straight day, holding placards that read “Lecturers fed up. Another strategic plan. Waste of money. Big insult to academic laziness”, “Where is the money? More money but none for the staff”, “No money for protective clothing for staff”, “Staff are getting sick. No money to repair building.”