Venezuelans surviving on US $6 monthly

IMAGINE surviving on US$6 a month and all you can afford is a two-pound chicken or maybe a tube of toothpaste. That is what the average Venezuelan earns per month because of the deepening crisis in what was once Latin America’s richest country.

Venezuelans flee the country daily to Trinidad and other neighbouring countries – some to purchase basic food items, to work, and others to seek asylum.

When asked what or who may be responsible for the declining economy, many accused the US Government of “meddling” while others praised the US involvement saying under the Nicolas Maduro-led government there is rampant corruption. They use derogatory slangs to describe the elected President as well as self-proclaimed president, Juan Guaido.

Captain of the boat —Vanguardia de la Virgen del Valle—Angel Lorenzo Smith said he previously worked taxi with another company between both countries. He and his crew were in Trinidad to seek permission to start a new service. The boat caters for 32 passengers.

“Not all Venezuelans who visit are staying. Some come for food and medicine then leave the next day. Guaido is the answer to what is happening in Venezuela. Our country was flourishing and now there is no medicine, no food.”

One man who described himself as a Chavista said Guaido is more popular internationally than in Venezuela. The “truth” is being distorted and information projected by “Yankee propaganda” do not reflect what is causing the crisis in Venezuela.

“We need change, but I don’t think Guaido is the change we need. There is a lot of misinformation via the media. But we are Venezuelans, we fight for what is right. Do you really think the US care about us? No! They are about our natural resources and will kill millions of us if they have to.”

“La lucha continua,” he said meaning, the struggle continues.