US teen gives school friends cookies baked with grandfather’s ashes

A teenage girl in California allegedly baked her grandfather’s ashes into cookies and handed them out to her school friends, local media reported on Wednesday.

The student is said to have given her baked goods to at least nine students, the Los Angeles Times said, citing police in Davis, near the state capital Sacramento.

Some ate the cookies without knowing about the macabre extra ingredient and were horrified, Lieutenant Paul Doroshov said, according to the Times.

In a bizarre twist, others among the Da Vinci Charter Academy students were fully aware and ate the cookies anyway, Doroshov told the newspaper, adding that he found the claims credible.

Student Andy Knox told local television station KCRA he was on his way into class when the unidentified young baker offered him one of her treats saying they contained a “special ingredient”.

“I thought that she put drugs in it or something. So I asked her if like, ‘Is this a weed cookie or something?'” he was quoted as saying.

“And she said ‘No.’ She said it was her grandpa’s ashes. And then she kind of laughed. And I was really, I was kind of horrified.”