Union Wants Assurances Over SJDC Jobs As Foreign Company Takes Charge

Antigua Trades and Labour Union is seeking assurances from Global Ports that workers employed by the St. John’s Development Co-operation would not be adversely affected.

President of the Union, Wigley George is calling on the management to explain to the Union how the workers will be affected.

“If they are to be disadvantaged we wanna know, if none of them will be displaced, we wanna know”, he told state media.

The management reportedly met with staff to assure them that their jobs would not be negatively affected. George said he heard otherwise.

“I have heard, and it’s not just hearsay, from credible persons that at least up to 30 persons will be paid off from St. Johns’ Development”, he revealed.

The Union is expected to meet with management shortly have the concerns addressed.

“The revenue of St. John’s Development will be drastically reduced if Global Ports is going to be in charge of the quays and so on and the revenue and the rent collection and all of that.”

“Who is going to subsidize let’s say another 160 persons left with St. John’s Development?”, George asked.