Two Charged With Aggravated Robbery

The police arrested and jointly charged Collin Browne, aka “Bling” of Martin’s Village and Alvin O’Brian of Lovelace Road on Thursday with Aggravated Robbery. They are accused of robbing a female resident of Grays Farm of an undisclosed sum of money and jewelry on the night March 26th, 2020.

It was reported that the woman was about to enter her yard, when she was assaulted, beaten and robbed of the aforementioned items. She received injuries to her head, forearm and foot, for which she had to seek medical attention. The incident was reported to Grays Farm Police Station, and further investigations into the matter, eventually led to their arrest.

Earlier this week, Jamal Crump of Swetes and Hakeem Jeffery of Golden Grove were jointly charged for a similar offence. They are accused of robbing the owner of a supermarket in Parham of an undisclosed sum of money on May 8th. They have since been remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison until 9th September.


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