T&T ‘Taste of Carnival’ to cost between 20 to 35 million dollars

All is set for the first ‘Taste of Carnival’ event which will be held on February 4th.

This was announced this morning by Chairman of the National Carnival Commission, Winston Gypsy Peters, who revealed that the event will be held virtually.

“It’s going to start on the 4th with the first Calypso show being a virtual show and after that, the Calypso tents are going to be open in full on the 11th,” Peters said.

The media was given a tour this morning at the Queen’s Park Savannah where pods are being erected for the upcoming slate of events. Peters noted that the pod-style was similar to what was used in Canada for events. He also confirmed that the NCC is in discussions with several private promoters but could not confirm how far those discussions had reached.

The estimated budget for the series of events is between 25 to 30 million dollars.


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