The Secrets to making your Bedroom feel Like a Five Star hotel

Every hotel wants their guests to feel right at home when they check into a room.
From the sumptuous Egyptian cotton sheets to basking in the indulgence of luxury, the five-star rooms are always well-designed with matching bedding, pillows and curtains.
And now you can give yourself the ultimate hotel-style bedroom you deserve to wake up in every morning.
Speaking to Stuff Homed, two New Zealand hotel experts revealed the secret elements to make your space feel luxurious in the comfort of your home.

You spend more time in your bed than anywhere else in your home so the bedroom is the one space you should never skimp on.

Hotel rooms often come complete with a big bed, with crisp sheets and a mountain of fluffy pillows.

Lizzi Whaley, CEO of commercial interior designers Spaceworks Design Group, said an ‘enormous bed’ is the ‘piece de resistance in any hotel room.

She said your bed should also be outfitted with a plush headboard – not only does it add a touch of luxurious element to your space, but it also hides any power points and electric cords.

Shane Jolly, who’s the manager at Auckland’s five-star hotel Cordis, said invest in Egyptian cotton – the higher the thread count the better.

‘Three hundred is about as low as you would want to go, and a thread count of 1000 will have guests commenting on how beautiful the sheets feel,’ he said.

Mr Jolly said a feather mattress topper are a luxurious option for your bed as it offers extra comfort with extreme softness.

Create a calming space

Mr Jolly said clocks should be silent in the bedroom.

For an elegant simplicity, incorporate a soft colour palette to your space, including the walls, curtains, drapery and bedding.

‘It should be simple with no more than two or three colours and possibly one accent piece. A lamp or that has a special, unique colour,’ Mr Jolly said.

It’s all about the personal touches 

Hotels usually keep a notepad on a bedside table – but for a homely feel, Mr Jolly suggested placing your own choice of item.

‘But keep it simple, one item max,’ he said.

For the final touches, add decorative pillows and a throw.

Get the right lighting

Lighting is key to any bedroom.

Most hotels have low light setting or side lighting, usually by the bedhead. A lamp on the side of your bed is also another great option for your room.

Ms Whaley said lighting helps enhance that soothing hotel ambiance – so getting the right lighting will create that feeling in your room.

And don’t forget the curtains

Curtains are often overlooked by many homeowners – but they should be getting the treatment just as much as the bed.

they never fail to bring out the plush luxury of a hotel.

Ms Whaley suggested getting floor-to-ceiling curtains will certainly bring out the plush luxury of a hotel in your own bedroom.

She added black-out curtains were also great to add to your windows.

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