The Ministry of Health and Wellness has Devised a Plan to Deal with dengue

Four doctors from the Ministry of Health were invited to appear before Cabinet at the insistence of the Minister of Health and Wellness.According to the latest Cabinet notes, the Chief Medical Officer explained that a plan has been devised to ensure that dengue fever, which has posed a problem in several countries, including deaths in one Caribbean country, does not impact Antigua and Barbuda. Although the disease is carried only by the Aedes Egyptae mosquito, elimination of the mosquito is virtually impossible. The Cabinet notes also pointed out that Fogging and other methods of vector control have therefore been planned on a wide scale, and all households are asked to ensure that breeding places for mosquitoes are eliminated. The Aedes Egyptae mosquito lays eggs in vases, old tires, flower pots and anywhere that water accumulates. The doctors recommend nets over beds, long sleeves when going out in the early mornings and early evenings, and other defensive methods that prevent mosquitoes from biting. There is no immunity against dengue; therefore, anyone can contract the disease.

The Cabinet notes also said that given the importance of tourism to the economy of Antigua and Barbuda, every effort has to be made throughout the nation to prevent the disease from making many people sick. A public relations campaign will commence immediately, and Cabinet voted a sum of money to enable the printing of materials, and the use of infomercials on radio and television. The same mosquito is responsible for chikungunya and other diseases. Antigua and Barbuda was very successful in combating that painful disease.