The Family Of Andre Simon Says He remains unconscious at MSJMC with stable vitals

Update on Andre (5 June 2022) – From Dwayne Simon:

The month of May 2022 was perhaps the most challenging year for our family but we thank God for bringing us through.

Andre remains unconscious at MSJMC with stable vitals.

Plans to move Andre for treatment overseas have not progressed as quickly as we anticipated. This is for two main reasons:

The brain injury that he sustained was categorized as significant closed brain injury. This means that surgical intervention may do little to help.

Very few facilities have programs that can cater to his recovery in promoting consciousness prior to his neurological rehabilitation.

What does this mean? Andre needs a specialized facility that can assist. In order for the air ambulance to take him we need to clear all the administrative steps involved. The sooner he gets there the better; and we will update once this transfer is complete.

Brain injury recovery is challenging. But we believe that with prayer and specialized medical intervention Andre has a fighting chance.

Once he regains consciousness then the extensive rehabilitation process will begin.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support. Thank you to the various teams of support .


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