The Antigua and Barbuda Football Association expresses condolences over the passing of Mr. Gordon Derrick

Dear Members and Friends of Football,

The Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) notes, with great sorrow, the sudden passing of Gordon Derrick. Banks, as he was called, was a past General Secretary of the ABFA, past President of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU), past Vice-President of Concacaf, a proud member of the Villa Lions fraternity, and a man committed to football and all whom the sport serves. 

Banks was at once extremely bright, discerning, and gregarious. He would, in a single day, chair the meeting, seal the deal, and then move on to become the life of the party.

He gave his all to football and his vision for the sport in which the Caribbean is equal to all and subordinate to none, and he paid a great price. Still, neither his love for football nor his support for those of us still in the game waned. From chairman to cheerleader, his passion was unmuted and, perhaps, unmatched.

We express profound condolences to his wife, Wendy, and his children, Nazir and Gia, his siblings, Colin and Sandra, his DSC and Friends brotherhood, his extended family and all who mourn his loss.


ABFA General Secretariat


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